Farewell Android

We are winding down a few projects and experiments at Peek. One of them is Android work.

Peek has built a wide range of products and technologies in the last few years
– a full stack hardware/OS/app low-cost smartphone
– a port of our cloud apps for mass market embedded OS phones
– applications for video sharing and picture sharing on iOS for customers
– our core products on mail, social, etc plus games and other apps for Android
– customer work on Android
– web app layer stuff to power other people’s mobile apps
– a full toolkit for deploying real-time smartphone apps onto featurephone OSes

In all that work, the products that earned us the least engagement, money, and time –> Android products

We’ll announce some of the good results of our work on other platforms soon. But Android, farewell for now. We’ve decommissioned our various Google Play market apps this several weeks and switched off our apps.